Contessa Entellina

Official Website of Contessa Entellina (the Village in Sicily, Italy):

Annalisa Gannuscio
I am Annalisa Gannuscio, 28 years old.  I live in Contessa Entellina, a small village of Albanian origin. I have always had a passion for languages and travel, so I decided to take up the business of tour operator. I have a degree in foreign languages and literature; I have a master’s degree in sectoral translation, and my studied languages are English and Russian. I deal with experiential tourism; I like to get in touch with other cultures and meet people from other countries; I love to make my visitors experience unique, to help them to feel sensations and try experiences never lived before; I accompany them in our daily life, allowing them to immerse themselves in our traditions and show them magical and unknown places.” 
Ps: If you want to find your roots in Contessa Entellina, please feel free to contact me!
Leonardo Spera (Mayor of Contessa Entellina) & Annalisa Gannuscio

Annalisa says that she knows people all over Italy, so if you are afraid of pickpockets, having tour guides throughout the trip may help…
It makes sense that if a tour guide is drive you around, you are less likely to hop on the pickpocket tour bus in Rome.

Official Town website:

We are seeking business cards for businesses in Contessa to share here 🙂

The Abbey of Santa Maria del Bosco is very important to visit 🙂

Rocca di Entella, Elimo archaeological site is the Castle of Calatamauro 🙂

Most Important Festival:
September 8th ‘Feast of Madonna of the Favara’

Crafts Persons:
Many young people today produce good wine and cheese 😋

Some of the information we are trying to gather:

Contessa Entellina Byzantine Greek Rite Church, Papas, and Monk(s) names, photographs, address, and monk cell retreat information:

Contessa Entellina Roman Rite Priest and Monk(s) names, photographs, address, and monk cell retreat information:

Transportation from Palermo:




Other Contessa Entellina Businesses:

Prayer Groups:



Community Members, Families, & Family Crests:

Other Community Festivals:

Much of this information can be found on the official town website, which I haven’t yet used to fill in the blanks above.
Official Town website: