Just as Episcopalian Priests, Anglican Catholic Priests and Monks, Lutheran Priests, are allowed to marry; likewise, so do Papas, the Arberesh Priests of Contessa Entellina’s Byzantine Orthodox Church.

“Obedience” to the “Roman” Catholic Church is complicated because their are discrepancies betwixt what the current Pope declares as non-negotiable (priests not being allowed to marry) and actual practice of special permission being allowed especially when one is already married.

The second correction in the following video is that Scanderbeg died of influenza.
Neither I, nor we produced the following video, but it does show some of the nice traditional clothing styles ( :

Anyone wishing to appear in video here to tell a story or be interviewed simply need contact me to tell a story of our ancestry that has been past down to you or of one of your ancestors or relatives.


One story I overheard at my very first Contessa event at the tomb was of the men encircling the women as they all walked to relocate.


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