Contessa Entellina

The Mayor of Contessa Entellina is working to provide us with information to easily visit Contessa Entellina in person 🙂

By sometime in March I should have business cards for businesses in Contessa to share here 🙂

The Abbey of Santa Maria del Bosco is very important to visit 🙂

Rocca di Entella, Elimo archaeological site is the Castle of Calatamauro 🙂

Most Important Festival:
September 8th ‘Feast of Madonna of the Favara’ 😇

Crafts Persons:
Many young people today produce good wine and cheese 😋

Some of the information we are trying to get:

Contessa Entellina Byzantine Greek Rite Church, Papas, and Monk(s) names, photographs, & address:

Contessa Entellina Roman Rite Priest and Monk(s) names, photographs, & address:

Transportation from Palermo:




Other Contessa Entellina Businesses:

Prayer Groups:



Community Members, Families, & Family Crests:

Other Community Festivals: