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Greek-Albanian (Kingdom of Epirus), Schiros from Skyros, Greece, and Albanian warriors who fought for Pope Nicholas 5th against the Ottoman Turks spreading Muslim culture by the sword in various places failed in Albania, so the pope granted us passage to Sicily along with titles an the permission to establish towns to the seven royal families – we owned land in those days = royal; we even had ≈shamanic practical applications of esoteric knowledge that may have be lost if we don’t go back to the highlands from which we came to try to recapture that important powerful knowledge… Dresses were embroidered with gold thread in patterns perhaps with esoteric meaning.
The Greek influence was from seafaring entrepreneurial traders.
The Greeks have a wealth of esoteric knowledge too…
Italian influence integrated when living in Sicily for a few hundred years before the slaves were freed in America (United states), when the plantation owners of the greater New Orleans area paid passage for skilled Sicilian farmers to come work the plantations; after two years of service many of us left the plantations to open groceries, bakeries, etcetera in New Orleans and beyond.

There are more books than the two above that I’ve found; its been a while, but I can search for the others again; I’ll post them here.

Jefferson Parish Regional Library
2nd floor Italian Research Library
West Napoleon Avenue
Metairie, Louisiana
(has books on the ancient kingdom of “Epirus”, which I haven’t yet read, but I am certain are of interest to tracing our line and original culture further back or learning about that era/portion…)


Those of us whom are Schiros may wish to dig deeper into the Byzantine Orthodox Church &/or Greek Orthodox Church.
Both traditions accommodate (allow) married priests.

What I like about the Byzantine Orthodox Church is that the mass is entirely sung with the exception of the homily. King Solomon sung his prayers. Frequency/pitch in song is cause & effect… I like the icon tradition; one is supposed to gaze & reflect; quantum physics has proven that we become what we see.

What I like about the Greek Orthodox Church is that one gets to settle into a nice 2 hour long service, which allows one the time and environment to attempt to tap into a spiritual state of consciousness.
Again this tradition also sings the mass, in Greek.

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