September 17th 2023 Blessed Mother Banquet

Mr. & Mrs. Justin Lance Schiro, Contessa Entellina Society Historian
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Pearl Room Harahan
Gathering the children may take some practice 😊
getting them all to look too wasn’t something anticipated either 😊
Peter Gabb
Treasurer Michael A Schiro Jr, Wife, and son
1st Vice President Joe Tortorich
President Anthony (Tony) John Foto

Very Enjoyable Meeting January 26th, 2023

Sunday, 11th of December 2022

Gluten-Free Vegan ( :
Gluten-Free Vegan Option ( :
Peter Lamanna’s Special Guests in attendance:
Honorable Cloud Todaro, Councilman of Kenner
Charles Marsala, President of the Italian American Federation of the Southeast
President David Matassa of the Cefalutana Society
1st Lady Mrs. David Matassa of the Cefalutana Society
Rose Bracato Segretaria d’Archinista of the Cefalutana Society
Nick Clover Past President of Union 709
Peter Gabb, Movie Actor, Emirly Todaro, and Caren Todaro
Peter Lamanna’s Camera Card
Peter Lamanna’s Camera Card
Peter Lamanna’s Camera Card
Peter Lamanna’s Camera Card
Peter Lamanna’s Camera Card

September Banquet 2022:

Peter Gabb

Mr. & Mrs. Alan Clesi

Tony Radosti

Charles Marsala

Andrew V. Schiro
Gasper Schiro & Peter Lamana

Mr. & Mrs. Justin Lance Schiro

Mrs. Jasmine Trang Schiro

Lawrence Dorsa, Gasper Schiro
C. E. Society Historian, Justin Lance Schiro with District Attorney Leon Cannizzaro Jr.

Joe Tortorich

Tony Tortorich & Kevin Centanni

Mr & Mrs. Angelo V. Schiro, Dom Greishaber

Gasper Schiro, Angelo V. Schiro
Cheryl Hentze (Left)
Justin Genovese & Family

Marshal (Flag Bearer) Mitchell Foto
April 2017

April 2017

Justin Genovese & Family with Santa Clause

Mel & Gasper Schiro

Steve Scalise with Contessa Entellina Society Historian, Justin Lance Schiro

Mel Schiro & Gasper Schiro

Joyce Lucas Schiro

Gasper Schiro & Mel Schiro

Victor Musso

C. E. Society Historian Justin Lance Schiro , Gasper Schiro, & Frank Maselli

Anthony Cuccia

Tony Foto

Mrs. & Mr. Lawrence Dorsa

Bob Geraci (Left)

Dr. Jack Castrogiovanni & Family

Father Schiro (Left)

Mrs. & Mr. Steve Scalise, Gasper Schiro, & Mel Schiro

A few Schiros

Mrs. & Mr. Taffaro

Lamana, Gasper & Mel Schiro, …, Peter Lamana

Anthony Radosti

Michael Schiro and Jackson

Gasper Schiro, Joe Tortorich(i), & Tony Tortorich(i)

Joseph Gasper Schiro

Lawrence Dorsa & Family
Tony Foto, Peter Lamana family, and Joyce Schiro

Joseph Schiro (Right)

John Bruno (right)
Mayor Victor Schiro with The Beatles
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