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The Tomb was renovated in Gasper Schiro’s final year as President 2021; many years ago it was renovated during his father’s presidency.

Greek-Albanians (Kingdom of Epirus), Schiros from Skyros – Greece, and Albanian warriors fought for The Church against the Ottoman Turks (who spread Muslim culture by the sword).
In Albania, the years long fight failed, so Pope Nicholas 5th granted us passage to Sicily along with our royal titles and permission to establish towns (to the seven royal families) – we owned land in those days = royal; we even had Albanian/Epirus ≈shamanic practical applications of esoteric knowledge that may have be lost if we don’t go back to the highlands from which we came to try to recapture that important powerful knowledge…

Dresses were embroidered with actual gold thread in patterns.
The Greek influence was from seafaring entrepreneurial traders.
The Greeks have a wealth of esoteric knowledge too.
Italian influence integrated when living in Sicily for a few hundred years before the slaves were freed in America (united States), when the plantation owners of the greater New Orleans area paid passage for skilled Sicilian farmers to come work the plantations; after two years of service many of us left the plantations to open groceries, bakeries, etcetera in New Orleans and beyond.

In Italian (Front)
In Italian (Front)
Back – This Symbol is very important; it is the image of a photon before science imaged it, the Light Body. I write about this important symbol on my other websites, which can be found in the Business Tab.
Notice the ancient symbol in the center of Yehoshua’s chest. (Experts state that “Jesus” clearly was not Yehoshua’s original name. The Bible states the name “Emanuel”.) The point is that The Church was eventually taken from its original focus and teaching of ascension, that we have God Light within Us to ascend…transmutation of the body into Pure Light through Purification and Prayer; the value system must be on purity, not what is Caesar’s or Nero’s.
Always remember the the Shroud of Torin proves the Ascension no mater what authors write about the existence of Yehoshua (Jesus).
This image was taken from Gaia, a subscription service for those who want to watch meaningful programing for the soul; this was from a presentation by William Henry, who’s works I highly recommend. I also highly recommend watching Freddy Silva’s presentations, one of which is on the 900 year history of the Knights Templar, in which Portugal is shown to have purposefully misspelled “Portugal” on a coin for the meaning of its misspelling that is the Jesus & Mary Magdalene’s bloodline is the grail (Por Tu Gral) still being protected in Portugal.
In Italian (Front)
In Italian

A Resource:
Jefferson Parish Regional Library
2nd floor Italian Research Library
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Metairie, Louisiana

More on Religion:

Those of us whom are Schiros may wish to dig deeper into the Byzantine Orthodox Church &/or Greek Orthodox Church.
The Byzantine Orthodox Church allows married priests, which I am personally very happy about. Joyce Lucas Schiro was of the opinion that priests should be allowed to be married.
It is my understanding that both churches (Byzantine and Greek Orthodox) in Contessa Entellina have married priests.
Most of the original disciples were married.
Many including William Henry have written books about & argue that Jesus was married & that the host of a wedding is responsible for providing wine to the guests. Was the wedding at Cana Jesus’ wedding? It was completely normal in those times, & I believe still is in the Jewish faith, for Rabbis to marry.
Many things have changed from the times of the original Church of Jesus, the Christ. What is important is the search, the dominant thought, and state of purity though meditation, prayer, and communication/relationship with the Saints, Jesus, & the Angels to attain the true goal here on Earth, the transformation of human into Angel, just as Metatron did. – to become perfect

What I like about the Byzantine Orthodox Church is that the mass is entirely sung with the exception of the homily. King Solomon sung his prayers. Frequency/pitch in song is cause & effect… I like the icon tradition; one is supposed to gaze & reflect; quantum physics has proven that we become what we see. Beware of the “Programing” watched on television; choose wisely.

This was not a typical service; the Church was between Priests, and the Deacon preformed a special service for that circumstance.

What I like about the Greek Orthodox Church is that one gets to settle into a nice 2 hour long service, which allows one the time and environment to attempt to tap into a spiritual state of consciousness.
Again, this tradition also sings the mass, in Greek.